Must Have Toys for Christmas

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Check out these must have toys that needs to be on your gift list! Learn more about the most popular toy for Christmas for each age group.

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a Christmas tree with presents

Must Have Toys for Christmas

The joy of getting the year’s top toy for Christmas is a big part of the holiday fun for many kids. They rush to the shiny tree, tear open the colorful gift wrap, and can’t believe their eyes when they see the dream toy they’ve wanted. These are special moments they remember from being a kid.

But kids aren’t the only ones who get excited. Parents and caregivers love it, too. The moment they see their child’s amazed and happy face when they get their top toy is priceless. This shows the wonder of Christmas, the joy of giving, and the huge happiness they can give to the people they love.

Check out these tips on how to save money on toys.

a boy playing with a wooden puzzle

Tips to consider when choosing a toy

When choosing a toy for a gift, one of the first factors to consider is the age of the child. Age-appropriate toys are not only more likely to be enjoyed, but also they contribute to the child’s development. For example, puzzles or building sets can be great for enhancing problem-solving skills, while artistic toys like coloring sets can foster creativity.

Another important factor is the child’s interests. If you know the child well, consider what they enjoy doing, what shows or characters they like, and what types of play they seem to engage in most. A toy that aligns with their interests is more likely to be used and cherished. From dolls that mirror their favorite TV characters, to building sets that allow them to construct scenes from their beloved stories, acknowledging their preferences can make a gift more special.

Lastly, consider the longevity and quality of the toy. A well-made, durable toy not only offers better value for money but is also safer for the child. Look for toys produced by reputable manufacturers and avoid those with small, easily breakable parts. Also, consider if the toy will continue to engage the child as they grow and their skills develop. Toys with multiple levels or methods of play can provide entertainment and learning opportunities for a longer period.

Check out these must have toys that needs to be on your gift list! Learn more about the most popular toy for Christmas for each age group.

Top toys for ages 1 to 3

When buying toys for babies and toddlers, safety should always be your top priority. Choose toys that are free of small parts that could be a choking hazard, and made from non-toxic materials. It’s also important to consider the toy’s size and weight – it should be light enough for the child to handle comfortably.

The second factor to consider is the educational value of the toy. Look for toys that promote learning and development. For example, shape-sorting toys and building blocks can help develop a child’s motor skills and spatial reasoning. Musical toys, on the other hand, can foster a love for music and enhance auditory skills. Always consider the child’s age and developmental stage when choosing a toy.

Toys to encourage creative play are always a good choice.

flipping toys

Original Weighted Infinity Flipper

Looking for the best flipping toy? The Original Weighted Infinity Flipper gives you hours of fun and comfort. It’s easy to use – just flip it back and forth! This motion is interesting to watch, keeps your hands busy, and helps you stay focused. It comes in different textures and colors. Each one feels different to touch and can help calm you down when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Ages 3+. Find it here.

Playmobil Ice Cream Slide

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Adventure Tower with Ice Cream Booth

Enjoy and learn with this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 set! Spin the handle and watch the ferris wheel move, making the PLAYMOBIL figures slide down all on their own! Wow! Kids can learn to match colors and objects by putting the color of the ice cream sticks in the right spots and sitting the figures in the correct seats! This kind of fun play with figures also helps develop fine motor skills and starts first role play! Ages 18 mos.+ Get it here.



These soft, neat and easy to carry bags are perfect for little ones. They are shaped like 12 different, easy-to-recognize figures that preschoolers will love. Kids can have fun just by touching and pressing their BIZYBOO. Plus, older kids can look for hidden items matched to each character that are listed on a special card with pictures and words.

They are a cool way for kids from 2 to 5 years old to get better at using their hands, focusing on a task, and solving problems. They are also perfect for keeping kids entertained during travel, while waiting, or at a restaurant! Ages 2+ Get them here.

Playmobil Advent Calendar

Toys for ages 3 to 4

Choosing toys for 3 and 4-year-old kids needs care. First, make sure the toys are safe – they shouldn’t have tiny pieces that can be swallowed. Also, pick toys that help kids learn while having fun, like blocks or easy puzzles. These can help kids think more.

Choose tough toys that can handle lots of play, and remember, toys that are right for their age can help kids move better and gain control of their bodies. Lastly, toys that let kids be creative and imagine, like playdough or dress-up clothes, can be very good.

Kids will also enjoy cartoon Christmas movies at this age.

Playmobil Advent Calendar

The Playmobil Christmas Sleigh Ride Advent Calendar is a delightful choice that brings the magic of a snowy Christmas Eve to life. It is designed for children who dream of magical sleigh rides under the starry winter sky.  Get it here.

BUMPAS plus toy

BUMPAS Lovable Plush

Who can resist a warm cuddle? Bumpas are adorable soft toys that you can play with and hug. This cuddly toy is heavy to give a cozy and safe feeling when you need it the most! Bumpas’ arms are just the right size for real-like hugs. Pick your best comfort buddy from 4 Bumpas characters: imaginative and funny Shin Shin, brave and bold Zeek, calm and kind Oz, and happy and supportive Lucky! Ages 3+. Find it here.

Ninja Kidz TV Giant Mystery Ninja Ball

Kids can turn into ninjas with each ball packed with over 25 surprises! Inside you’ll find 5 Ninja Kidz Action Figures that can move, a ninja mask and belt, and two pieces of ninja battle equipment. There are also 6 ninja throwing stars, 2 sticky stars with 6 targets, a pair of Mission Cards, a sheet full of stickers, and a collector card. The large Mystery Ninja Ball is not just for fun, it also stores your ninja gear and comes with a removable shield for epic ninja games! Ages 3+. Get it here.

Dinomazing toy


Unleash your inner Paleontologist and delve into prehistoric adventures! Adorn your very own dinosaur eggs with art and color! Just insert one of the provided plastic eggs into the machine, and let your creativity take over. As the machine gently spins the egg, use the marker to fashion stripes, lines, and any exciting patterns you fancy.

All the while, the cracks are cleverly eggs-posed. Once you’ve finished your artwork, you can “crack” open the egg. Inside, you’ll find an enthralling ‘surprise’: a mini, collectible dinosaur coated in vibrant slime! The dinosaur’s head and limbs can be detached and reattached as you wish. Mix them up to create a unique dino breed of your own! Ages 3+. Get one here.

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Make this holiday season more festive with a fun DIY project! The TreeMendous Ornament Decorator from Hey Buddy Hey Pal allows you to make your own beautifully-designed holiday ornaments with ease. It’s shaped like a Christmas tree, perfect for the holiday spirit. Just use the included ornaments, place them in the tree-shaped decorator, and let the fun start! The machine spins the ornament, allowing you to make lines, stripes, and other designs with the markers. Ages 3+. Find it here.

boy playing a googame

Goo Games

Compact, portable, and incredibly amusing, GooGames is the ultimate playmate for your kids! These are tactile water games that can be squished and squeezed for pure joy! Each GooGame comes with a variety of detachable challenge cards, each featuring three difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate, and pro. An excellent alternative to screen time, GooGames combines tactile stimulation with fun in a size that fits in your pocket! Our first series includes 3 designs: Candy Craze, Fruit Catcher, and Treasure Hunt. Ages 3+. Get them here.

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PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle in the Clouds

Up in the soft clouds, the rainbow princesses live happily. They are protected by the rainbow and the light from the magic rainbow flower* (you can take it off). They love their life. The best parts: there’s a Pegasus, a sky swing, and princesses with skirts made of feathers that you can change. It comes with cute stickers for you to decorate and a butterfly ring for you to wear! You can add more clouds to the castle if you want. Ages 4+. Check it out here.

Toys for kids ages 5 to 8

Also, make sure toys are safe and right for their age. Look at the age guidelines on the toy box to make sure it’s okay. Stay away from small pieces they could choke on or sharp bits that could hurt them. Soft toys, board games, and big action figures can be good picks. The best toys are ones that are fun and good for a child’s growth.

a miniature squishy turtle toy

Squinkies Collector Pack

Squinkies are back! Collect all 72 figures! The super soft, tiny toys that won the Toy of the Year award in 2010 are back and softer than ever! Known as the original surprise toy, over 500 million Squinkies in over 2000 different styles have been sold! Start your Squinkies collection with this pack of 12 original characters – 8 in standard clear containers and 4 in surprise pink containers! Find them here.

Mindful Happy Hearts Board Game

Happy Hearts Board Game

The Happy Hearts Board Game is a fun, easy-to-play game that combines elements of mindfulness practices, such as appreciating good things and paying attention to one’s body, with yoga and breath control. This game, illustrated by hand with care, aims to help players grow, keep them giggling, and make playtime more enjoyable. Ages 4+. Find it here.

Toys for kids ages 8-12

When buying toys for children aged between 8 and 12 years, understanding the interests and developmental stage of the child is crucial. At this age, children are usually highly curious, love challenges, and have a relatively good understanding of cause and effect. Therefore, educational toys that promote problem-solving skills or enhance creativity, such as building sets, science kits, or art and craft supplies, can be a great choice.

mindfulness coloring book

ABCs of Mindfulness Coloring Book

The Mindfulness ABCs is a fun, screen-free activity that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. It’s a chance to take a break, relax, and concentrate. You and your child can experience the benefits of mindful poems and coloring! 26 Mindful Poems: We’ve matched a coloring page with a thoughtful poem for each letter of the alphabet. These help your child to feel calm, positive, and aware of themselves. Find it here.

Toys for teens and young adults

When buying toys for teens and young adults, consider their interests and hobbies. It’s essential to choose toys or games that align with their personal passions, whether that’s music, sports, art, or technology. Avoid toys that are too childlike; opt for ones that provide a challenge and stimulate their creativity and critical thinking skills.

You're Getting Old Game

You’re Getting Old

Is age just a number? Play this fun game with your millennial friends to see who’s still youthful! Move your little avocado piece on the game board using “Getting Old” or “Redeem” cards. There are 300 cards with different tasks. “Old” tasks might ask you if you’ve ever felt out of touch with current music on Spotify. If you have, you must move your piece forward. But don’t worry, you can get younger by completing “Redeem” tasks on the cards! The game ends when the first player reaches the last spot – they lose. The player who’s still at the lowest spot wins, showing they’re still young at heart. Ages 14+. Find it here.

In short, picking the right toy for kids can be hard. But, the range of toys and the happiness they give to a child makes it special. There are learning toys that help kids start to learn, action toys that fill them with wonder, and craft sets that get them to be creative. There’s a toy for every child’s age and liking. So, choose a toy that your child will enjoy – their joy and excitement will make it all worthwhile

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