Trolls World Tour Toys from Aquabeads

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Have you been looking for Trolls World Tour toys your child can enjoy as they get excited about the movie? Aquabeads has released a Trolls World Tour Aquabeads Playset that has over 900 bead pieces included! Talk about fun!

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Trolls World Tour Toys from Aquabeads

Trolls World Tour Toys

Of course, it’s always fun to have toys that go along with your favorite movies. I’ve written in the past about how much fun the Dreamworks Spirit toys are. Or, about the Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls doll. So, if your child enjoys movie based toys, they are going to love the Trolls World Tour toys from Aquabeads!

Trolls World Tour Aquabeads Playset

So, if you like Trolls World Tour Toys, let me tell you more about this new playset. I’ve written before about how much fun the Aquabeads Deluxe Studio is. But, if you’re not familiar with Aquabeads, I’ll explain. 

Aquabeads Playsets are a fun way to make art using plastic beads and water. You don’t need glue, heat, or anything else to make these fun projects. Aquabeads are non-toxic and are intended for children that are ages 4 and up.

directions, bead try, and aquabeads

How do you play with Aquabeads?

The Aquabead Trolls World Tour Playset includes a bead try with insert, a storage container for the beads, a water mister, and several design pattern sheets. Plus, you get over 900 beads which is enough to make like a bazillion Aquabeads art projects. Your child can make all of their favorite Trolls World Tour dolls by changing the colors of the beads they want to use.

Of course, you can buy more beads for the Aquabeads Trolls World Tour toys when your child uses up all 900 of the ones included in this kit. And, if you want some non-Trolls patterns, you can download them for free on the Aquabeads website.

the Trolls patterns in a package

You simply choose the pattern you want to follow and add the beads to the pattern insert. They are color-coded so you can use their advice for colors or change it up based on your preferences. Then, you mist the beads with water and wait. After just a minute, you flip the Troll you just made out and admire your new creation. 

It’s lots of fun to make all sorts of characters. You can keep them for yourself, trade them with friends, or turn them into a larger art project. This is an absolute must-have toy for any fan of the Trolls dolls or movies.

One of the reasons that I love Aquabeads so much is that it’s all of the fun without any of the mess. You don’t need to worry about markers, glue, or paint. And, you don’t need to deal with heat to make your designs like with some toys. It allows your child to play without quite as much supervision needed on your part. And, when you’re done, just close the container up to keep everything in place. 

Trolls World Tour Toys from Aquabeads

Where can I buy Aquabeads Trolls World Tour toys?

You can find this new toy at stores like Target. Or, you can shop online and get it on Amazon.  Here are a few more Aquabeads toys you may want to consider.

How to create Trolls World Tour Characters with Aquabeads

If you want more information on how to create your favorite characters, check out this video for a detailed look.

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