Vera Bradley Coloring Books for Spring

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I had no idea that there were Vera Bradley coloring books but there are! I’ve long been in love with the beautiful patterns in her bags so I was very excited to learn that many of those same patterns could be found in her coloring books. 

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2 New Vera Bradley Coloring Books for Spring

Vera Bradley Coloring Books

Iconic American lifestyle brand Vera Bradley has 33 years of successful pattern development under its belt. From bags to clothing to accessories, Vera Bradley’s exquisite patterns have adorned an impressive line of products. Now, the Fort Wayne fashion brand is proud to unveil something new: coloring books.

2 New Vera Bradley Coloring Books for Spring

Vera Bradley Paisley Patterns and Vera Bradley Floral Patterns are the two latest Vera Bradley coloring books for 2017. Each book has 40 popular Vera Bradley patterns to color as well as helpful tips for choosing coloring supplies, deciding what colors or shades to use, coloring techniques, an art gallery of designs and more. Plus, at the back of the book, you will find gift tags and notecards that you can color and tear out to use.

My thoughts:

One of my favorite features of these two coloring books is that there is a section that shows the traditional Vera Bradley colors used in that design along with a suggestion for alternate colors. I’ve owned many different Vera Bradley bags over the years and it was fun to reimagine them by coloring with different colors.


These coloring books are truly gift quality and are definitely on the same par as the gorgeous bags I fell in love with years ago. The cover of the coloring book has an inside page for your name. The pages are nice and heavy which makes them ideal for framing after you’re done coloring them. The designs are on the front and back of each page so you’ll need to choose which design is your favorite before framing.

Check out these coloring books for road trips.

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67 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Coloring Books for Spring

  1. I just started coloring again recently. It’s very relaxing and these pages actually look optimistic and after my 22 year old daughter died by suicide 16 months ago, I could really use some optimism.

  2. I know my sister is into the Vera Bradley brand and now that she’s semi-retired, she has a bit more time on her hands to do things like color! This would make a lovely gift for her. Thanks for the review.

  3. My mom love vera bradley print and coloring, these would be perfect for her for mother’s day!!

  4. I have loved to color since I was a little girl. I use it as a way to destress, relax, or even while watching tv.

  5. My 15 year old would love these! she loves unwinding and coloring.

    Thanks for the chance.

  6. I would like to win this because I am a big Vera Bradley fan I have way to many bags and purses and clutches and I do not have any Vera Bradley coloring books to add to my collection.

  7. I love my coloring books! Its fun to sit down and color with my children and they get their little kid coloring books and I get to use my adult coloring book so we all have a great time.

  8. I would love to win because I love coloring it’s very relaxing and helps with anxiety.

  9. I would love to win cause my and my daughter enjoy doing coloring together in our spare time

  10. I would love to win these amazing Vera Bradley coloring books!
    I love to color when I’m stressed, bored, sad or pretty much anytime or emotion. It would be awesome to win also because I’ve only got a few pages left In my coloring books! Thanks for the chance!!

  11. I would like to win because I like of the designs. I have found out that coloring relaxes and helps me forget my worries.

  12. I really love to color. It’s so relaxing for me. And I love Vera Bradley as well! So it would be a win, win!

  13. my niece and I love coloring together it’s one of our favorite things to do that lets her be creative and express herself.

  14. I would love to win because coloring is relaxing and i don’t have anything like these.

  15. I would love to win and color with my daughter! She is 8, but we both love to color!

  16. I would love to win because I love these books!! I have recently began to color again and I find it so relaxing. It seems to take all the stress away.

  17. I LOVE Vera Bradley! I didn’t know they made coloring books. These would be so much fun!

  18. Coloring relaxes me, but more than that, I still use it as therapy after having a stroke a year ago. I made myself color, type, do almost everything with my left/affected hand. I feel doing that helped my recovery more than anything and I still find myself coloring left-handed about half the time.

  19. I started coloring with my grandkids a few months ago and suddenly loved it. I color a lot now.

  20. i am just starting to get into adult coloring books and these look really nice!

  21. Haven’t tried the coloring books but a friend has. She tells me how it helps in many different ways,,,anxiety, stress, focus,,,,to name a few. Want to give it a try…

  22. My daughter has gotten into the habit of coloring a page or two in an adult coloring book before bed each night as a way to decompress. I always like to pick up new coloring books for her.

  23. I love vera bradley, have many purses and lots of wallets, and I like adult coloring books so what could be better!

  24. I would love these because vera bradley is a big part of my life! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  25. I would like to win because I love coloring! It’s been a hobby of mine since I was a kid.

  26. I would love to win for my mom and sister. They love Vera Bradley. They are so good to my kids.

  27. I love coloring and would love to win this for myself 🙂 The images are so pretty and they would be so fun to color.

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