Ways Kids Can Go Green Today to Help Conserve

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Here are a few ways kids can go green and do their part to help global warming and climate change. As parents, we understand that this is a complicated subject with a few clear and simple answers. So, kids can do their part to help and start making more eco-friendly changes in their own personal lives.

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Ways Kids Can Go Green Today to Help Conserve

Ways Kids Can Go Green

As parents, we teach our children many important lessons that we hope they’ll take with them into their adult lives. We teach them the importance of safety belts. We hope they remember to wear their bicycle helmets and to be kind to others. And, I hope that a few of these ways kids can go green will become daily habits in their adult lives as well.

Ways kids can go green and technology

Remembering to turn things off when they aren’t in use is a simple step any child should be able to handle. This goes for turning off the water when they brush their teeth and turning off the lights and television when they leave a room.

woman holding a child in the woods

Get back to nature

The more children understand about nature and the environment, the more they will be likely to care about climate change. So, take time to get outside with the kids by gardening, taking nature walks, going for a bike ride, or learning about composting.

Ways kids can go green by recycling

Using fewer of our resources will help minimize the number of new things that we need to make. Teach your child to minimize disposables by using a reusable water bottle. And, teach them to reuse both sides of a piece of paper before recycling it because that’s an easy place to start.

recycle bucket and plastic water bottles

Turning old things into new things is a simple way to go green. By having a recycling bin in your home, you can show your child the importance of recycling. Explain to them how their paper waste or an empty cereal box can be made into something brand new when it’s recycled. Check out this post on recycling batteries from games.

Go second hand

Not everything you buy needs to be purchased new. So, teach your child about shopping second hand at thrift stores and tag sales. And, donate your old things that are in good condition to others that can use them.

woman with watering can and wheelbarrows

Conserve water

We can conserve water by turning the water off when we brush our teeth. But, we can also set a bucket outside to catch rainwater and then use that water when we water the garden or wash our car. So, one of the easiest ways kids can go green is by making small choices at home.

What does go green mean?

Going green means taking steps to help the environment. These can be small steps like the ones I’ve detailed above. Or, they can be larger steps that corporations take to reduce their carbon footprint. As we go green, we keep the Earth green and healthy.

Ways Kids Can Go Green Today to Help Conserve


What can we do to go green?

So, you can start with any of these simple steps to go green. Helping global warming doesn’t have to be a large step, it can be a series of smaller steps. If you’re looking for a larger step consider adding solar panels to your home. 

Ways Kids Can Go Green Today to Help Conserve

Be a green kid

There are many projects kids can do to learn more about going green. Set up a backyard composting center and help reduce your food waste. Plant seeds and watch them germinate and grow on your windowsill or in your garden. Make craft projects from used popsicle sticks or empty cans. So, here are a few places to start.

So, the most important thing we can do to teach our children about going green is to mimic those actions ourselves. When our kids see us making good decisions, they will learn how important it is to make those decisions themselves. Finally, if you want your kid to be a green kid, teach them a few of these ways kids can go green.

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