Fun Things to Do With Chalk

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If you’re looking for some creative family fun ideas, check out these fun things to do with chalk. Get the kids outdoors with these chalk activities.

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chalk on the sidewalk

Fun Things to Do With Chalk

You can have so much fun with these chalk activities. Whether you want outdoor activities or just need to get your creative juices flowing, start with these suggestions.

One of the best things about chalk is its versatility. From simple doodles to complex murals, these small sticks of color can transform any pavement or driveway into a vibrant canvas. Kids and adults alike can unleash their creativity, making each moment full of fun and laughter.

Chalk isn’t just about drawing, either. With a little imagination, it can become a tool for countless outdoor games and activities. The possibilities are endless, making chalk an inexpensive yet valuable resource for family fun. So grab a bucket of chalk, step outside, and let the adventure begin!

Sidewalk chalk or regular chalk?

When it comes to choosing between sidewalk chalk and regular chalk, the decision largely depends on the activity at hand and the desired effect.

Sidewalk chalk is thicker and typically more vibrant, making it ideal for large-scale outdoor art projects or games where bold, visible marks are needed. It also tends to last longer, resisting the elements better than its regular counterpart.

On the other hand, regular chalk is smaller and perfect for detailed work. If you’re looking to create intricate designs or planning an indoor chalkboard activity, regular chalk could be your best bet. It’s also easier for small hands to grasp, making it a great choice for younger kids.

girl drawing with chalk

White chalk or colored chalk?

The choice between white chalk and colored chalk boils down to what you want to create and express. White chalk is classic and can be used for simple drawings, games, or writing. It stands out on most surfaces and gives a traditional chalkboard feel.

But if you want to create vibrant and exciting art, then colored chalk is the way to go. It’s a sure-fire hit with kids who love to splash their world with color. Remember, the wider the variety of colors, the more creative and engaging chalk activities can become. Kids love chalk!

little children doodling with chalk

Why do kids like chalk?

Children are naturally drawn to chalk because it provides a form of open-ended play. The simplicity of chalk allows them to express their creativity and thoughts freely, with the ground, pavement, or chalkboard serving as their canvas. Unlike with most toys, there are no rules or instructions with chalk; kids can draw, scribble, write, or even just doodle to their heart’s content.

It’s a tool that encourages imagination, fosters creativity, and promotes fine motor skill development.

Moreover, chalk play provides the opportunity for kids to engage with the outdoor environment. Being outside, they enjoy the fresh air, absorb vitamin D, and can be more physically active.

The simple act of drawing with chalk can turn into a whole afternoon of enjoyment, as children become engrossed in their creations. They can play games, create grand imaginary worlds, or simply draw their favorite things. This combination of creativity, physical activity, and outdoor play makes chalk a favored toy for many children.

three children coloring on the ground with chalk

How do you make chalk fun?

To make chalk more fun, consider incorporating it into various games and activities. It can be as simple as a game of hopscotch or tic-tac-toe, or more complex like creating a giant outdoor chalkboard or a chalk obstacle course.

You could also use chalk to create a life-sized board game, using your driveway or sidewalk as the board and the kids as the pieces. For a touch of magic, try making glow-in-the-dark chalk for an evening of nocturnal fun.

Another way to elevate the chalk fun is by blending art and learning. Encourage the kids to draw what they’re learning about in school. For example, they could draw a map of the world and then label the countries, or illustrate a story they’ve read recently.

You can also challenge them to replicate famous works of art or create their own masterpieces. Remember, the key is to let their creativity flow and make each chalk session a new adventure.

tic tac toe with chalk

What games can you draw with chalk?

There are several classic games you can draw with chalk to bring fun and laughter to your backyard or driveway.

Tic Tac Toe is a simple and quick game to draw. All you need is a grid of two lines horizontally and vertically intersecting each other, giving you nine squares. Players take turns drawing ‘X’ or ‘O’ in these squares, with the goal being to get three in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Hopscotch is another popular choice. Draw a series of numbered squares for kids to hop through. You can stick to a traditional layout or get creative with different shapes and number sequences.

Creating a Twister board with chalk can provide hours of fun and is a great way to get everyone moving. Draw a grid of colored circles and use an online spinner or homemade method to call out the next move.

Remember that the only limit is your imagination. Chalk can be used to create almost any classic game you can think of, transforming your pavement into a playground.

If you're looking for some creative family fun ideas, check out these fun things to do with chalk. Get the kids outdoors with these chalk activities.

Dots and lines game

The “Dots and Lines” game is a classic pen-and-paper pastime that can easily be adapted for chalk and pavement. It starts with an empty grid of dots. The aim of the game is to draw lines to complete squares, and the player who completes the most squares by the end of the game wins.

To play, two players take turns drawing a single line, either horizontal or vertical, between two unconnected adjacent dots. If a player completes a square (meaning they draw the fourth side), they get to fill in the square with their color and play another turn.

The game continues until all the squares have been filled in. The player who has filled in the most squares is declared the winner. This game not only offers fun but also helps children develop essential skills such as strategic thinking and spatial awareness.

man making chalk art

Make chalk art

Creating art with chalk is a fantastic way to inspire creativity and add color to your outdoor spaces. It’s not just about drawing random pictures, but it could be a wonderful opportunity to showcase one’s artistic skills.

The pavement or sidewalk becomes your canvas, and you can create anything from simple doodles to intricate landscapes or portraits. The beauty of chalk art lies in its impermanent nature, every rainfall brings a clean slate ready for new masterpieces.

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Educational sidewalk chalk activities

Using chalk for fine motor control activities can prove extremely beneficial for children’s development. Drawing, doodling, or even manipulating the chalk itself can aid in strengthening the muscles in the hands and fingers. For instance, drawing shapes or specific lines requires precision and control, thus enhancing fine motor skills.

Sidewalk chalk can also be an excellent tool for math practice. Children can write out problems and solve them on the sidewalk, or you could draw a number line for them to jump along while doing addition or subtraction. For older kids, creating a large lattice can provide a fun way to practice multiplication. Math equations suddenly got super fun.

Furthermore, sidewalk chalk can make learning sight words more enjoyable. Write a selection of sight words on the pavement and have your child jump, hop, or run to the word you call out.

This not only helps them learn these important words but also adds a physical element to their learning.

Similarly, using chalk to write simple words can aid in literacy development. Encourage your child to write a story on your driveway, or you could play a game of hangman with them.

Combining chalk with these educational activities can transform learning into a fun, interactive experience.

a little boy coloring on an easel with chalk

Chalk learning colors game

Make learning fun with a few of these great ideas.

Chalk can be a wonderful tool to make learning colors fun and interactive. One simple activity is color matching. Draw different colored circles or squares on the pavement, and have your child match objects from their surroundings to the correct color on the pavement. They could use toys, leaves, flowers, or anything else they can find.

Another engaging way to learn colors with chalk is through a game of color hopscotch. Instead of numbers, fill each square with a different color and as you call out the names of colors, have your child jump to the correct square.

You can also organize a color scavenger hunt. Write names of different colors on the pavement and have your child find items that match each color and place it next to the written name.

Drawing rainbows can also be a fun way to learn about colors and their order. Your child can create large, colorful rainbows on the pavement, helping them to remember the sequence of colors.

Remember, learning should be a fun and creative process, and chalk provides just the right medium to make this possible.

a bowl of chalk and paper

Use chalk to draw on construction paper

Chalk is a delightful way to add color to construction paper. To achieve vibrant colors, choose high-quality, soft chalk. Start by rubbing the chalk on its side across the paper, building up layers for a more saturated look.

Experiment with various techniques, such as smudging for a soft, blended look or employing sharper edges of the chalk for defined lines. With just a bit of practice, you can create stunningly vibrant, chalk-based artwork on construction paper.

man drawing a self portrait with chalk

Draw a self portrait

Creating a self-portrait with chalk can be a fun and intriguing activity for older children. It allows them to express their creativity while enhancing their observational skills.

To begin, they can outline their shadow that’s cast on the pavement by the sun, which will act as the base for their portrait. Next, they can detail their silhouette with features, clothing, and accessories using various colors of chalk.

This activity is not just about the end product, but the process of self-exploration and self-expression. It can also be a great way to discuss how we see ourselves vs. how others see us, making it a creative and introspective exercise.

You can use sidewalk chalk or regular white chalk for this activity. Chalk art doesn’t have to be created in color.

Draw roads and tracks

Drawing roads and tracks with chalk can turn your driveway or sidewalk into an exciting play area for children and their toy cars. All it requires is some chalk and imagination.

Begin by outlining lanes, junctions, roundabouts, and parking lots, ensuring there’s enough room for toy cars to move around. You can also add other elements such as pretend gas stations, car washes, or even small towns along the tracks.

This activity not only engages children in imaginative play but also aids in teaching them basic road safety rules. For instance, they can learn about traffic signs when you draw and explain them. Encouraging children to participate in the creation of these chalk cities can provide a fun, creative, and educational outdoor activity.

Fun Water Balloon Games Using Water Wubble

Water balloon math games

Water balloons and sidewalk chalk lend themselves wonderfully to making math practice an exciting outdoor activity. Start by writing several different math problems on the sidewalk using chalk. Problems can be as simple or as advanced as suits the child’s age and skill level. Each problem should be large and spaced out.

Next, fill water balloons and assign each one a number correlating to the correct answer to the math problems. The child’s task is to solve each problem and then throw the corresponding numbered water balloon at the problem. If the problem is solved correctly, the water balloon will burst, washing away the problem and providing a cooling spray on a hot day!

For younger children, you can simplify the game by writing a number line on the ground and having them throw the water balloon on the correct answer. For instance, if you call out “2+3”, they should aim for the number “5” on the line.

Think of it as target practice with sidewalk chalk. You can draw squares or draw circles if you prefer.

This fun, engaging game not only helps children practice their math skills but also encourages physical activity and hand-eye coordination. Remember to supervise the activity to ensure safety while bursting the water balloons.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favorite sidewalk chalk ideas, which ones will you try first?

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