8 Cool Things to do with String: Fun for Kids

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Check out these cool things to do with string. If your kids are bored today, make these cool things to make with string to keep them busy.

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two children wearing friendship bracelets made with string

Cool Things to do with String

String is one of the most simple and versatile materials to have around. So, it’s no wonder that kids love playing with it. String can be used for a variety of imaginative things – from creating costumes to making flowers! In this blog post, we are going to explore 10 different ways you can use string in your day-to-day life with your kids

String crafts bracelets

Create bracelets and other jewelry out of old strings that your kids have collected in their dresser or from around the house. String has been used for centuries to create beautiful pieces of art, so it’s no wonder people still find ways to incorporate it into something as simple as making some fun new bracelets!

This has everything you need to make friendship bracelets with string. Check it out.

a girl playing cats cradle with string

Cool things to do with string and your fingers

Cats cradle is one of those games that never seems to get old. It’s easy enough for kids who are just learning how to use string but challenging enough for older kids too. To make this game at home, all you need is two pieces of yarn (or any type of cord) tied together in a knot. Give each player one piece and then try to create a loop of the two pieces and then tie it into another knot.

This is one of my favorite cool things to do with string. Get the directions here.

If you enjoy these types of projects with your kids, I really recommend Brickloot. The kids have a blast with this!

String art

String art is an oldie but goody that kids still enjoy today! This type of art can be used in things like posters, cards, or even for decorating your home. To make this project you will need string cut into different lengths (whatever length you would like), water-based paint, and either cardboard or paper as a base.

This book has lots of ideas.

Check out these cool things to do with string. If your kids are bored today, check out these cool things to make with string to keep them busy.

Edible necklaces

For kids who love to cook and bake in the kitchen with their parents, why not make some edible necklaces? This fun little project requires you to use things such as fruit loops cereal,  candy sticks, licorice, popsicle sticks, pretzel rods, macaroni pieces, etc.

Check out this rainbow edible necklace for a fun idea.


A dreamcatcher is not only useful for catching dreams, but also for keeping away bad things. To make these fun little crafts at home all you need is some yarn of any color (use two different colors if desired), clear tape, scissors, and either feathers or string cut into small pieces. Make this dream catcher kids craft.

Upcycled cool things to do with string

The tin can phone is not only fun but also useful when learning how things work inside electronics like phones. To make these little projects all you need are some cans (a can opener would come in handy!), string, aluminum foil, glue gun/glue stick, and something for your child to talk into.

Get the directions here.

Check out these cool things to do with string. If your kids are bored today, check out these cool things to make with string to keep them busy.


Macrame is also a popular art form for kids to do! This project starts by taking string made of any type of material. Wool, hemp, or cotton are all good choices. Then braid it in between two pieces of wood about four feet long each while tying knots at the bottom every once in a while to keep things tight where necessary as time passes by.

Find out how here.

making string art


Get crafty

There are lots of fun craft ideas using string. For a simple idea, This stitched string art craft is a great idea. You should have all the simple materials at home to get started.

Or, check out this God’s Eye craft.

What do you use string for?

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