Have you ever wondered how to help your child love reading? My daughter loved to read and would eagerly read just about any book that she received. She was excited to have new books to read at school and looked forward to learning about new authors. This love of reading has followed her as she […]

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Reinforcing STEM education for kids is something that many parents will be considering as the summer break gets closer. Too often, children forget what they learned the past year in school while they’re enjoying their vacation. This can result in setbacks when they head back to school in the fall. Of course, you want the […]

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This Disneyland activity book is the perfect choice for those that will be visiting Disneyland this year. If your kids are anything like mine were when they were little, each time they visit somewhere special, they want to bring back a souvenir to remind them of the time they spent. You know that this can […]

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I love science fiction movies and have for as long as I can remember. Since I’m also a fan of children’s programming, it’s a real treat to be able to watch animated science fiction programming intended for kids. I recently learned about a TV series called Alisa Knows What to Do that is based on […]

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Spring break is almost here, and it’s time to stock up on toys to encourage creative play. There is nothing worse over school break than listening to your child repeat “I’m bored” over and over again. One of the challenges in picking toys to encourage creative play is that kids get tired of them eventually. […]

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I love family films and it sounds like there is another great one coming from Lionsgate! The Confirmation sounds like it will be a film we’ll all enjoy and I love that it seems to teach a lesson about caring for your family. Family films are a great way to bond while spending time together, […]

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There are times that the description of a book just draws you in and you have to read it. Debt by Rachel Dunning was one of those books. I don’t read a lot of adult novels, but the promo I posted really drew me in and got me interested in the book. This is the […]

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These Easter games preschoolers will love will give your preschool child a fun non-candy option to receive in their basket and will help keep them entertained while you visit with friends and family. That quiet time is an added plus in my book. Kids are excited on Easter and being able to keep them entertained […]

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These important soccer tips for moms of young kids will help keep you sane during soccer season. We started my son in sports during his early elementary school years. We never pushed him into it. It was something that he was interested in from watching friends and hearing about it from books and TV. We […]

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Do you love natural wooden blocks as much as we do? One of the great things about having kids is the toys! I know, there are obviously more meaningful, great things, about having kids, but you have to admit that sometimes the toys are a nice perk! One great product that I’ve recently had the […]

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