Asteroid Escape One Player Puzzle Game

Last Updated on April 16, 2023 by ellen

Asteroid Escape, a one player puzzle game, is perfect for summer car rides! If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you’ve probably heard “Are we there yet?” and “I’m bored.” more times than you can count. Keep the kids from getting to that level of boredom with this fun puzzle game where you navigate your spaceship through the asteroid field.

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Asteroid Escape One Player Puzzle Game

Asteroid Escape

SmartGames Asteroid Escape is a 3D sliding puzzle game where players are challenged to manipulate the playing pieces around the board in order to create an escape route for their spaceship. It features 60 challenges, starting with simple solutions and progressing to challenges requiring dozens of moves to solve. Asteroid Escape features a portable, travel-friendly case, making it great for on-the-go fun.

What’s more? As you’ll see below, solving SmartGames challenges helps build cognitive skills. With Asteroid Escape you’ll focus on Planning, Visual Perception, and Problem-Solving Skills.

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My thoughts:

You may remember that I reviewed a few other kids puzzle games from SmartGames in the past. Asteroid Escape is similar to Penguin Pool Party and Jump In. It is a one player game that can be played at a variety of levels from beginner to expert. The goal here is to move your puzzle pieces around the game board in a way that lets your spaceship escape without being blocked by any asteroids. You win when the spaceship can “fly” off the board without being blocked.

I love that these games can be played in a variety of different ways so your child can grow with them. If they solve a beginner level puzzle, they can simply move up to the next level and keep trying to solve the puzzles as they get harder. Plus, the puzzle has a lid which makes this absolutely perfect for car trips and vacations. Everything stores neatly inside. Buy it now.