How to Become a Local Legend This Summer

Last Updated on January 27, 2019 by ellen

What are your plans for summer fun this year? While we rarely take vacations, we do enjoy a number of different local attractions for day trips. There’s so much to do in Vermont near my home that we never run out of fun local trips to take. We also live within driving distance to New York which gives us even more opportunities for summer fun.

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Become a Local Legend

Stay at home this year and enjoy backyard summer fun at your home, the local beach, a park or a campground. There are so many fun places to visit and things to do this summer. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were during the summer when the kids were let loose to play in the neighborhood. Do you remember hula hoops, skateboards, climbing trees, playing marbles and running through the sprinkler system? I know I do.

Summer is always a magical time for kids and it’s important that they have clothes that they can have fun in. They need to be comfortable and stand up to wear.

My son had the most adorable little short sets. They were cool, fashionable, easy to clean and wore well. You didn’t have to worry about them getting wet from a water balloon fight or dirty from playing with colored sidewalk chalk. You knew they would come clean and look amazing the next time they wore them.

If you’re looking for fun ideas to do with the kids this year, here are a few of my favorites:

What plans do you have this summer to help the kids have the most amazing time ever? Which of your favorite family activities made my list of favorites?